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About: Us

Add+In Marketing

Our goal is to make your job easier by producing extraordinary creative campaigns in a timely, deadline-based environment. We provide constructive third-party support with budget predictability and attentive creative care.

Our Core Values

  • Clients deserve the best work experience and greatest value, all the time.

  • Integrated campaigns are the most successful.

  • Every campaign should be kept within budget.

  • Deadlines are crucial to keeping brand momentum.

  • Streamlined communications, with one point of contact is the best way to get things done.

Joy Whittemore

Brand Architect, Owner

After spending years managing widely recognized brands as an in-house marketing manager, I created this agency as an answer for executives to get the dedicated creative support they need to stay on top of deadlines. I keep the ball rolling and the artwork flowing.

David Whittemore

Creative Director, Color Genius

I take the goals from the creation consultation sessions and put them into action. We utilize all of the input and translate the ideas into deliverables. The entire creative process is taken from vision to execution and prepared to present to you and the public. As the Creative Director, I make plans reality.

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