IceSleeve Therapy Wraps

Train Harder.
Recover Faster.

We interviewed athletes that use their products religiously, focused on the passion and energy that created IceSleeve and came up with a chilling concept that shows the energy athletes get when they use IceSleeve products for a fast recovery after working out.  The look and feel turned into banner ads, packaging, a tradeshow booth and other marketing materials. Add+In Marketing facilitated a product shoot of an ultra marathon runner showing how the product conforms to the body, images that show the power behind a well preforming athlete that uses IceSleeve products regularly.

Get Back in the Game

IceSleeve is a breakthrough hot-cold therapy product line designed specifically for athletes.  Developed by engineer Walt Caldwell and his wife Sharlene, a cross-country coach and fitness professional, IceSleeve products are specially designed to keep people mobile while recovering from aches and pains that come with an active lifestyle and injury rehabilitation.

The Solution

IceSleeve needed a way to separate themselves from others in the athletic therapeutic arena.  While the product is superior and can compete impressively, their brand image did not exude that same energy. We developed a dynamic foundation to leap ahead of the pack, using energetic verbal positioning and creative imagery that is worthy of major athletic store distribution.

  • Advertisements

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Packaging

  • Product Photography

  • Sales Materials

  • Tradeshows

In addition to the advertising campaign, we produced custom packaging using photographs we took in the Add+In Marketing studio.  The goal was to show each muscle that the IceSleeves comforts to when providing therapy to exhausted athletes and others that need relief.