Annual Marketing and Branding Planning

Annual Marketing and Branding Planning
December 11, 2015 Joy Whittemore

Tis the season for setting marketing and branding goals for the new year! Add+In Marketing in Ventura County is getting ready and so should you. Here are some key branding tips and tricks you can think about as we bring in 2016.

  1. Logo: When was the last time you re-invented your logo? Think about ways to re-invent your branding by making your logo more sophisticated. For instance, taking your colors from gradients to a flat color palette can be the difference between bringing in more refined customers as well as a refined design style.
  2. Re-Launch: Find a product or service and add new features and benefits to your offerings. Then, announce your enhanced services to your existing customers.  Utilize a new communication vehicle like a networking site or group to re-introduce your services to.  If you offer products, be bold and sell your products on Amazon or another service that will cross-sell your products for you.
  3. Re-brand: Take your new bold design style and recreate your marketing materials to show your customers that you are a forward thinking brand with both your thought process and your services/products.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. By hiring a branding and marketing company, your customers and potential customers will take you seriously.  We have seen re-branding enhance sales efforts by up to 30% within a 6 month time-frame. Call Add+in Marketing to learn how to best rebrand your company.

Add+In Marketing is a full-service creative agency that supports marketing and communication professionals in Ventura County and throughout Southern California including: Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Westlake Village, Woodland Hills, Camarillo, Ventura and Simi Valley.  We have an impressive group of talented designers and WordPress website developers for a full range of branding capabilities. We take on a limited amount of clients to ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves. Call us today for your free consultation. 80-449-1416 or send us an email at


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