How Important is the ‘Color Experience’ for Product Packaging Success?

How Important is the ‘Color Experience’ for Product Packaging Success?
January 5, 2016 Joy Whittemore
Color Psychology

As a creative agency in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, one of our primary roles is to assist our clients in developing unique color-branding strategies. Properly branding with color is very important, especially when creating packaging designs.

• Appealing Design Will Separate You From the Pack:

With the advent of internet shopping competing full force with the in-store retail environment, there are literally hundreds of products that are competing in your product category. Products must now not only compete on the shelf, but on the screen as well. Creating compelling color techniques is crucial to winning consumer brand confidence. According to one study posted at In4mNation: When money availability is not an issue, how appealing an item is visually plays 93% role in consumer decision. The purchase process of new commodities sums to; color or visual appearance (93%), texture (6%), sound or smell (1%).

• Branding with Color Creates an Emotional Connection:

Have you ever looked at a whey nutritional protein drink package online, seen the brilliant red packaging and thought “This is a much higher grade formula and is much better for me than the other shake I’ve been drinking.” I have done this exact thing. The red made me feel the sudden power I could supplement from drinking this formula, the transparent packaging made me feel I could trust the product and therefore it must be a higher quality formulation. This is a personal case study about the brilliance of the emotional connection. Check out the chart on colors and emotional response – there are tons of color studies, chakra charts etc. that can show us just how important colors are to the emotional response of consumers.

• Color is a Quick Identifier for Repeat Purchases


If the overall product experience impressed the consumer, they are more likely to buy the product again for a repeat purchase. By making a clearly identifiable packaging design that is branded correctly with color, you have already made it easier for your consumer to quickly find and purchase your product again without noticing competitors products. 

The bottom line is, knowing what colors to use for your branding will drastically impact your opportunities as a brand in both the short and long-term sales environments.

Isn’t it worth it to hire a professional to be on your team to get your products the recognition they deserve?

 Call Add+In Marketing, we love (did we mention love, adore, truly enjoy) packaging jobs and are experts in defining how to succeed in the packaging arena from color concept development to completion.

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