Re-Branding (or Re-Inventing) Your Company

Re-Branding (or Re-Inventing) Your Company
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

Re-branding, Re-inventing or simply Refreshing your company and marketing materials is a necessity and should be done regularly to keep your customers interested and to stay fresh and in-tune with your market. When considering re-branding or freshening up your marketing approach there are some key factors to consider.
Observe Where You Are At:
Some companies I see jump right into – ‘ I Need it Now’ syndrome. The ‘I Need it Now’ marketing syndrome is a common marketing fo paux and one that I compare to building a house on the sand vs. building your house on a solid rock foundaiton. Some companies want to change their name right away, or change their logo asap. Perhaps you have been loosing deals from competitors, or not getting enough deals since launching your website. If this is the case, you may want to start thinking about re-branding. However, dedicate real time and thought to the process, change that happens overnight usually is not thought through adequately and can actually have negative affects.

Here are some basic marketing thoughts to keep in mind when re-branding:
• How long have you been using your company name and logo?
• Does anyone else have your company name? If so, who and for how long?
• What has your growth been year over year in terms of loyal customers, additional incremental current customer growth and new customers?
• How about your year-over-year growth in revenue for one year, how about the last five years?
Where You Are Going vs. Where You Want to Go:
I find that a lot of times companies are in the pursuit of pursuing absolutely no marketing at all. They are managing their own websites and designing their own materials. The bottom line is and has always been, if you want to make money, you must spend money with professionals that know how to market to your consumers. Sometimes a branding change is warranted immediately. If you are going nowhere fast, I recommend you research the advice of a dedicated and experienced marketing company specialist to analyze where your brand is going and opportunities for growth. Chances are if you represent yourself as a Fortune 500 company, you will be able to compete like one.
Set Reachable Goals – The Basic Marketing Plan:
• Create a Priority List: What needs to be done immediately as a structure for your marketing campaign?
• Create a Phase Plan: Start by mapping out marketing initiatives every quarter, one year and five years.
• Create Status Reviews: Make regularly scheduled appointments to review how initiatives are going, what impact they are having and how in-tune you are with your overall marketing goals.
Although all of these marketing tasks may seem challenging, however, working with a strong strategic marketing partner will make them (should make them) seem easy. is a strategic marketing company partner that creates custom marketing plans for unique business models across America, in Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Ventura Countuy and Simi Valley. Call us today for your free consultation. Happy marketing and best wishes to all! Add+In Marketing


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