Farmer Brothers Foodservice

National POP Programs

We created complete marketing Point Of Purchase programs for Farmer Brothers to sell nationally acclaimed Farmer Brothers and Superior brand coffee, tea and cappuccino products in convenience stores throughout the nation. We designed and managed a full scale ‘turn-key’ online shopping cart and fulfillment program to distribute and manage inventory for hundreds of items nationwide. The program included complete POP traceability, customer sales accountability and budget management systems for the sales team. Some marketing items included in the program were menu boards, flavor labels, loyalty program cards, sell sheets, posters window signs and in-store advertisements.

Merging East and West 

When Farmer Brothers acquired Sara Lee’s coffee and tea division, there was a massive push to grow sales within the convenient store sector across the nation.  Sales teams were fired up about it, store owners were excited to have a whole new line of offerings to share with the customers and we were there to be the spokes in the wheels of change.  Since the companies had merged, we had to start from scratch with new product numbers and merged skus, completely new marketing materials, new clientele (East coast and West coast markets combined) and make sure the new in-store programs had their own personalities that the new sales team and previous staff stood behind.  What started as an initiative turned into an entirely fresh starting point for a new company culture.

Complete Traceability

We started with the coffees, teas and cappuccinos to decide which products would be included in the program.  Created trade dress programs for in-store POP that all of the sales teams stood behind. Designed and produced all of the materials, then designed a website for the promotional items to be displayed along with a password system so we could trace all orders and apply them to the budget.  We trained all of the sales personnel and then designed and facilitated a distribution center capable of managing the day to day operations involved in the program.

  • Branding

  • Event Management

  • Floor Layout & Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Merchandising

  • Presentations

  • Sales Materials

  • Tradeshow Materials

  • Website Development