KFWE Hollywood

The Event

KFWE Hollywood is the largest kosher food and wine festival in the Western United States. Over 40 producers of wine and spirits from 11 countries were joined by 7 of the hottest kosher restaurants in Los Angeles for one incredible evening of fine wine, craft spirits and gourmet delicacies. Major sponsors of the event included Nestle Waters and Tevya Ranch.

Sharing a Secret

Tierra Sur is a premium farm to table restaurant concept in Oxnard, California. The brand focus is creating unparalleled cuisine, using only seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms. A careful discipline to their craft earned Tierra Sur national praise with food writers and made them the highest rated restaurant in their native Ventura County.

The challenge? The restaurant is located in an industrial park, amidst the farm rows of Oxnard; and while this location is ideal for working together with some of Southern California’s premiere growers, it is generally invisible to local and visiting public. While word-of-mouth carried the restaurant’s lore between friends and business partners, Tierra Sur became known as the “hidden jewel of Oxnard” and one of the best kept secrets in town.

Creating a Brand Presence

Through meetings with the Head Chef and restaurant Owner, we discovered an key brand differential: Tierra Sur changes their menu nearly every three weeks in order to highlight the current seasonal crop in their fare. As the crops change, so do the signature dishes available to the public; an incredible premium for the true “foodie”. With the right media mix and messaging, this secret could get out.

  • Branding
  • Event Development

  • Floor Layout & Design

  • Materials

  • Television & Radio

  • Promotion

  • Public Relations

In addition to the advertising campaign, we produced videos to provide a “back of the house” view into the kitchen, to give a sense of  scope for Tierra Sur events and to share the “Tierra Sur Experience” in full media.