Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out – Marketing Rule Number 3.75

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out – Marketing Rule Number 3.75
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

I had a creatively inspiring conversation with a client this week at Add+In Marketing company in Ventura County. This client is particularly fond of utilizing creative tactics as many of his customers are folks that work in the marketing arena. His focus on encouraging unique ‘outside of the box’ promotional marketing pieces reminded me why I love this business so much. Not only do we encourage producing creative marketing pieces, we thrive on it.

Why it is Beneficial To Think ‘Outside of the Box’:

Confidence Translates To Your Marketing Materials:
Typically, everyone feels ‘safe’ with standard formatting of marketing materials (i.e. the 3.5” x 2” horizontal business card, the 8.5” x 11” one sheet etc.). Although the messaging can and should still be impactful on these materials, the more you break out of your shell and try different paper sizes, shapes and different layout techniques, the better your chances are of getting recognized as a confident and unique business professional. Ultimately, you increase your chances of the recognition translating to a sale.

Captivate with Creativity:
So you are in a room networking with a few hundred other individuals, everyone has business cards in tow and are handing them to each other like sugar packets at a tea party. Then, you break out your business card printed on an unusually thick cardstock that has a super slick embossed logo with raised metallic foil, you use both sides to showcase your contact info AND add a testimonial on the back… or maybe the back has fun facts about your industry or…. you name the catch, just make sure you have one.

Continue the Creative Journey:
Once you enable yourself to incorporate creativity into your marketing strategies, and communication tactics, you won’t go back. You will set yourself apart as a leader in your field and will actually make people anticipate your next marketing move.

Some Areas Where Marketing Creativity Counts:
– Promotional Marketing Materials
– Events and Tradeshows
– Training Materials and Exercises
– Products and Service Production and Distribution

Creativity through marketing promotions will inspire your team and your customers, ultimately translating to an increase in sales and revenue opportunities. Try something new today… don’t miss out. If you are ready to step beyond basic and make marketing communications happen for you, call a creative marketing company like Add+In Marketing company in Ventura County today (805) 449-1416.

P.S. “Thank you!” to the person I referred to in this bit – I always enjoy the invigorating ‘spark’ of mid-week inspiration… Until next time… Joy Whittemore, Marketing Specialist and Owner, Add+In Marketing


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