Active Listening – Taking Marketing to the Next Level of Greatness

Active Listening – Taking Marketing to the Next Level of Greatness
April 10, 2015 addin2

This week I was having a wonderful conversation with a marketing colleague about the real impact of truly actively listening to someone.  In the marketing company business (or any business for that matter), being a good listener can be the difference between success and failure.  Over the years at Add+In Marketing company in Ventura County, I have focused on incorporating more effective active listening practices during every marketing consultation, every discovery session and every interaction.

Active Listening Produces: 

1. Key Words:  Have you ever noticed that during meetings some folks say the same things in different ways repeatedly?  Over the years, I have found that this can mean a couple things – these items are important to them and/or they feel like they have been mentioned before and no one has listened or acted on them.  Taking these key words into consideration could be a key initiative that needs to happen.

2. Proactive Initiatives through Reflective Response:  By feeling heard, and repeating back key phrases, whomever you are interacting with gains the general sense of peace of mind that you genuinely care and are aware how important what they are saying is.  Don’t just listen, make sure that the person you are interacting with knows you are truly engaging by repeating back and acting relevant questions that will guide you to the right action paths.

3.  Effective Marketing and Engaging Content:  Both items #1 and #2 are extremely important in creating the most effective marketing and branding communication pieces.  Unfortunately, it is common for marketing professionals to create a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to designing or executing in the marketplace.  While this route may be less expensive, it will also be less effective.  Having a marketing professional that listens to how you want to brand and grow your company, and THEN taking that knowledge and putting it into communications, is extremely critical to your long term growth.

Add+In Marketing truly listens to where your company is at, what you have done and (more importantly) where you want to be in 5 years.  Call us to get a complimentary ‘AIM’ (Add+In Marketing) consultation today at info@addinmarketing or call us at 805-449-1416.

Add+In Marketing
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