Customers Can Chime In – The Value of Marketing Data

Customers Can Chime In – The Value of Marketing Data
March 25, 2015 addin2

Think about everything your customers would say if you asked them what they value most about your products and services, or what improvements they would make in your communication techniques? What tidbits of education do they need along the way to make better business decisions that will make them more profitable? Or, what services do they wish you would offer that would allow them to grow their business? The answer to these questions are within your reach – just ask!

Gathering marketing data from clients (and even your sales team) is an integral part of staying successful. Their input is your most valuable resource to insights that may be… right in front of you.

Some Methods For Gathering Marketing Data:

• Surveys: Sending out quick marketing surveys is a great way to get feedback. Resources like and other sites allow you to send questionnaires. Offering incentives to complete surveys is a great way to encourage completion.

• Website Forms: Placing feedback forms on your website that are easy to access can serve as a terrific way to gain insights. Also, you can utilize forms to boost your subscription numbers to newsletters and other marketing communication vehicles.

• Focus Groups: For larger companies, getting in touch with your staff and sales team is a great way to get everyone involved. In addition, you will always hear about what is important to customers during these kinds of strategic planning events.

Marketing data will allow you to:

1. Create clear goals
2. Analyze past efforts
3. Define measurable growth

Growth is a collaborative effort between customers and your sales team. The more precise marketing data you can collect along the way is ideal to becoming the best you can be. Connect with a marketing agency like Add+In Marketing in Ventura County to partner for growth and consistent marketing efforts. Call us to get a complimentary ‘AIM’ (Add+In Marketing) consultation today at info@addinmarketing or call us at 805-449-1416.

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