Integrated Marketing – Combined, Communicate and Conquer

Integrated Marketing – Combined, Communicate and Conquer
October 23, 2014 addin2

You are going in search of the next best lease for your car, and by now, you have seen a bunch of commercials marketing the release of the 2014 auto-superstars in Ventura County or elsewhere.  You go online and find numerous marketed offerings by local auto malls (targeted Google Ads), kelly blue book and consumer review websites.  Sunday morning, you pick up the frosty copy of the Acorn, or other local newspaper, and peruse the auto ads (media buys).  You open the mail and find postcards to have your Toyota serviced at the local dealership for discount rates (direct mail).

This is an example of an integrated marketing approach.  Integrated marketing is the strategic pursuit of a ‘divide and conquer approach’.  It is the successful thought process that understands that Rome was not built in a day and, in fact, it takes continuous ‘drip campaign’ marketing efforts across different media outlets to build a successful and sustainable brand.

As well-defined by the American Association of Ad Agencies, integrated marketing is deemed as such:

…in 1989, defining IMC as “an approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other.

To go a step further, integrated marketing AND successfully communicating your business will earn you a brand.  Perhaps the best definition of ‘brand’ that I have heard is by Marty Neumeir, author of Zag:

A BRAND is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.

Realizing that combining unique branding and successfully marketing your products and services requires an integrated marketing approach as the key to long-term customer retention and growth.

Our approach to marketing our clients in Ventura County includes taking the ‘voice’ of our customers and delivering it to the public through multiple media outlets and internal marketing materials.  The goal is leaving the customer and potential customers with the ‘gut feeling of the brand’, the feeling of unwavering customer service, a unique product experience that you will never be able to get anywhere else.

Creating and developing those messages and then communicating them requires:
 Dedication: Consistent focus on the goal and initiatives
• A Dream:  Constant pursuit of where you see your brand in 5 years
• The Right Team:  Your sales team, marketing team and business development team are the action points.  Driving the business direction and executing the tasks are the first steps, then, making the sales opens the door to success.

So stay on your toes, take notice of how people are marketing to you.  Think about the vehicles of your messaging and how many times you have heard from the brands you love.

Then, enlist the assistance of a marketing team that loves branding communications as much as you do, like Add+In Marketing in Ventura County.  Add+In Marketing company provides complete cost-effective supplemental and outsourced marketing support. Add+In Marketing company services Los Angeles County and Ventura County,  Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Oxnard, Camarillo and Ventura. We are focused on you, and are there when you need us, implementing long-term sustainable plans or project based support for your internal marketing team!

Stay tuned for our annual Holiday Recipe coming soon! 


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