The Beauty and the Brand – Marketing with Purpose

The Beauty and the Brand – Marketing with Purpose
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

With Add In Marketing’s recent launch of our online marketing presence being brought to the forefront, I have had the opportunity to talk with many small to mid-sized companies in the area. Thankfully, each company has wanted their brand to be represented the best light possible, which makes sense because they want more customer’s and an increased return on their investment. This will only happen if you market your company in a sophisticated style that is communicated in a way that will truly compete with others in your field or expertise.

While my blogs may seem like ‘common sense speak’, (the ‘translated’ approach to a ‘McKinsey’ whitepaper for small to mid-sized businesses), I write from the experiences I see and hear everyday. Your brand image and marketing approach will determine who picks up the phone to call you – If you truly are seeking to expand, add additional incremental sales with your existing customers and reach the highest peaks of your potential, make the investment. Present your brand in pursuit of extreme excellence and exceed your own expectations.

Here are some notes to take that will literally make or break your business in the years ahead:

Print Materials: Your Brochure, One-Sheet, or other Corporate Collateral
Every piece you hand to a customer will inevitably create a reaction. It is imperative to incorporate upscale design with the right message. Be sure to present a professional logo, message and references in your materials – I highly recommend you allow a professional marketing firm to work with you on ‘evolving’ your brand presence. If you want enhanced return from your materials, this is the best way to go. If we can tell if you have laid out your own brochure in Word – chances are others will as well.

Website Design and Marketing
It has become a new trend to ‘making your own website’ using WordPress and other ‘make it yourself’ programs. While this may allow you to gain initial web presence and seems cost-effective for the short-term, we highly recommend consulting professional marketing firms to partner with you on utilizing professional web programming – either in WordPress or another system that will create a user-friendly, glitch-free experience. If you want a sample of professional ‘web-presence’ seek out your competitors and/or a company you would like to assimilate and respect for their efforts. In order to build a website and progress with web marketing that is easy to ‘build-out’ and add-on to, it is actually less-expensive in the long-run to build it right the first time, rather than have to re-build it all over again.

Pursue ongoing ‘relational marketing’ to continually communicate your organization. Then, you can applaud your efforts and continually reach for greatness – you will indeed realize the returns. This will allow you to further enhance your branding efforts becoming the true ‘Beauty and the Brand’ your customer’s rely and depend on.
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