Email Marketing Changed My Life and My Business

Email Marketing Changed My Life and My Business
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

I went to a fantastic networking group recently. The speaker was giving an educational overview on business emails creating a certain ‘cause and effect’ within professional organizations. In particular, she stressed the importance of being diligent, the importance of a pertinent subject matter line, content body and proofing your work to ensure you are portraying the message that you want.

She gave a few terrifying antidotes about emails gone bad and the room chuckled in agreement. Some were eager to share their own stories, while I also reflected internally on some personal experiences of my own.
While the speaker continued on, I started thinking about how this relates directly to the importance of building ‘Exciting, Life… and Business Changing Email Marketing Campaigns’.

Considering this is the age of constant visual stimulation on our mobile devices, ‘fast track’ impulse buys in every store we shop in, and utilizing ‘Like’ ads on Facebook as mini 1″ billboards – you have about 3 seconds to get a persons attention, keep it, and influence a decision to read the article, buy the product and stay interested in your brand. (ideally all of thee above J) No pressure.. right?

Here are some ‘Top-Line’ tips to keep in mind:

1. Subject Matter: Make it Stand Out and Make it Count!
If I said this e-mail marketing advertisement is from Joy Whittemore, chances are you would find no sense of urgency… no teaser.. in fact, you may just skip over it and go on to the next email or the dreaded – mark me as spam – eek! Now… if your email said Don’t Miss Out on 10%Off Joy’s Next Project, you may open it and think about the logo you have been meaning to re-design at a great bargain rate. Make it stand out! Make it count! The subject matter is your big chance.

2. Captivating Content: Reach the Heart AND the Head!
Let’s be honest, getting back to the digital age of marketing, nowadays we are lucky to have an average of 3 seconds to gain a persons attention. When choosing content to market regularly to your audience make it relevant and more importantly make customers realize they need it. For Example: If you are an accountant, send out a newsletter with recent updates in accounting law and how it relates to your customer base. Or, if you are marketing a software company, send out tips on how customers can better utilize their software. Dazzle me with your insights, your offerings and/or share something that will assist me with my business.

3. Proof Your Work: Have a Second or Third Set of Eyes Review Your Marketing.
I believe that in marketing, having other people read your materials before sending is essential. Not only does it allow you to gauge interest and accuracy in your marketing piece, but I guarantee you six eyes are better than two and chances are you will find something that is worth changing and fine-tuning before the final send.
Consistency is key! Find a nice rhythm and your email marketing will be effective.
Good luck and may the force of excellent email marketing be with you!


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