The ROI Coupon

The ROI Coupon
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

How many times have you been type type typing away… and the clock keeps tick tick ticking away? If you are rolling your eyes right now and saying… Amen Sister.. well maybe it is time to lift your fingers off the keyboard, away from your email and take a deep breath.

Most of us can spend up to 80% of our day on efforts that are only making up a very minimal part of our revenue stream (e.g. casual e-mails, deleting/reading unnecessary spam, etc.). This is not healthy for our overall business focus. When you are spending all day focusing on the least amount of return, it will show in your bottom line return on investment.

The same goes for your marketing and sales efforts, after all, it all compiles if we are not careful. If you took back even 20% of your day and focused on ensuring that your primary marketing and sales initiatives were being carried out successfully, imagine the return! It would be like handing your organization an ‘ROI Coupon’ that could advance your sales and marketing efforts ten fold in the long run.. or maybe even more.

Of course, every successful marketing manager and/or sales manager will tell you that no one, not even Hercules could manage every task there is to manage on the earth.
Find people that you trust to manage some of your time for you. The ‘ROI Coupon’ that keeps on giving is finding folks that you trust to delegate to.. that will stand alongside you in your efforts and help manage the time, responses, decisions and workflow and watch your business flourish. Outsource marketing tasks that, while necessary, take time away from your overall top-line management focus. Find external vendors and delegate more to internal resources that make your business more valuable.

Use Your ‘ROI Coupon’ – You Will Be Glad You Did:

Trade the Time-Consuming For Most Meaningful: Take one task a week and find a way to delegate or push to the back of the line for a more meaningful investment.
Trade What is Immediate For Long-Term: Instead of writing back to a dozen vendors you will never need, find the outsource partners that will help you out with your long-term sales and marketing initiatives.

Trade Fast and Furious For Better Prepared: Do the sales and marketing presentations matter, more than the last minute ‘at least it got done’ presentations…YES, and they are more successful and likely to get buy-in from your collegues… Take the time to do it right! Or team-up with someone who can!

Trade Deliberation For Impactful Action: Don’t wait until the important marketing and sales initiatives pass you by..Do It Now and Do It Right.
I say all of this because this helps me put my time back ‘In Focus’. Once in a while we all need a gentle nudge, a healthy reminder that our time DOES matter!
Take back your most valuable marketing and sales asset, time.

Tell us about how your ‘ROI Coupon’ helped you save time and put the future of your sales and marketing efforts back ‘In-Focus!’


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