Recipe For the Perfect Marketing Cake

Recipe For the Perfect Marketing Cake
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

The most delicious, marketing delicacy, flavored with real results! I have heard this adage before and think that successful marketing is derived from consistently trying out different parts of both art and science to find your organizations perfect recipe. Sounds a bit poetic, yet tasty, right?

Let’s look into this recipe a bit further:

Add+In Marketing creates the art of marketing by deliberately designing your brand ‘personality’ with the most appealing and appropriate message for your clientele.

1. Different styles of art appeal to different people – same with marketing.
Here are some basics that fall under the ‘Art’ of marketing:
• Brand Colors
• Ad styles and Design Techniques
• Positioning Statements

2. Different vehicles of marketing that deliver the art appeal to, and are received differently by people and their demographic/psychographic affiliation.
Some examples of marketing vehicles include:
• Magazines
• Online Webzines
• Your Website

The science of marketing centers around testing different marketing tools, measuring results and consistently adjusting your marketing methods with the tools/vehicles that are available to you.

1. Some marketing tools and vehicles will target different audiences and appeal to certain people
Here are some examples of testing your marketing efforts:
• Rotate timing and frequency of your campaigns
• Test your ads in different locations
• Track your success and get customer feedback.

2. Adjust your techniques and advertising locations
Here are some examples of testing your marketing vehicles that are available to you:
• Change locations of your ad in the magazines you are advertising in
• Be open to testing different online sponsored advertising avenues
• Track your success and get customer feedback

• Take time and make continued effort for the perfect campaign
• Make yearly ‘Marketing Calendars’ for long-term success
• Successful marketing is an ongoing process of evolving your brand AND marketing strategies…
• Keep going!

Add+In Marketing – We find the perfect recipe!
We brand your company to consistently communicate visually and verbally who your company is, what it does, and why you do it better than your competition. We test the best marketing methods for you and continue with the perfect recipe for marketing success.


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