Tis’ the Seasonal Marketing Promotions

Tis’ the Seasonal Marketing Promotions
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

It’s that time of year again. Stores have already started to display plastic pumpkins and electronic spooky toys and holiday trinkets in the isles. Seasonal travel packages are being announced just in time for family and friends to gather in celebration at your favorite resorts and spas.

The holidays always bring about a certain feeling of hope, celebration, generosity and awakened awareness. October, November and December is prime time for marketing professionals to announce ‘seasonal promotions’.

Seasonal marketing promotions are ideal because, providing the proper preparations are made, they can really ramp up sales on special products or services, assist with general company awareness and help retain customers long-term.

‘Limited Time Only’ – Marketing Seasonal Products or Services:
– Customers love seasonal products and service specials because they produce the general feeling of ‘special’ and ‘it only happens this time of year’ so we better jump on it and buy! For instance, during the dates of October thru December only we are offering a free massage with a two night minimum stay. Capture additional incremental sales through your marketing efforts while the seasonal spirit is present.
– Customers will usually pay a premium price for limited commodity items or services, like the Pumpkin Bread at Trader Joe’s or the Pumpkin Cappuccino at the local coffee shop. This is a great time to make some additional ROI, especially if you can get your projected sales amount to actual production quantities dialed in correctly.
Increasing Overall Brand Awareness through Seasonal Marketing:
– Special services offered during this time, or additional bonus perks will allow customers to keep your brand in mind resulting in increased awareness levels.
– Paying attention to your retention rates is always imperative to maintaining a healthy bottom line. Seasonal marketing adds some flair to your offerings keeping your customers aware that you care!

Ensure a brilliant seasonal marketing promotion for your organization and make your customers aware that you care. Call Add+In Marketing at 805-449-1416, and/or collaborate with your team to create truly sensational holidays for your customers. You will be glad that you did.


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