Search Engine Marketing – Defining Your Ideal Results

Search Engine Marketing – Defining Your Ideal Results
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

There are two primary options when diving into internet marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). At Add+In Marketing we work with both variations. Both search engine marketing options require dedicated strategic marketing management and ongoing focus to be successful.
Did you know… companies on Page 1 of organic search results are 94% more likely to get clicked on?
(Chitcka Insights Study – 2011) Staying on top takes an investment and patience, here is a quick overview of the SEM options and some key differences between the two.
Patience and Perseverance – SEO
The first Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technique is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO involves utilizing key words on your website, writing new web pages and content with keywords, offsite article and link posting and more. Since the advent of SEO, Google has cracked down on allowing companies to make thousands of non-sensical links, just for the sake of boosting your web rank.
• Thus, the new ‘it’ in SEO is real content, meaning you must have a dedicated monthly marketing plan to post meaningful text for your site, well-thought out articles for posting and an ongoing effort to make this work.
• SEO could take 6 months to a year to see any real improvement in your rankings. Remember, there are a lot of folks out there that are trying to be on ‘Page 1’, so your SEO efforts should be budgeted to take place on a regular basis AND you will need to be patient to see results.
• Creating real marketing content is crucial, once someone clicks through to your site…. will they call you?
• Be sure to ask how much will it cost per month to see RESULTS!

Instant Gratification – PPC
The second option for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is called Pay-Per-Click. Many companies offer Pay-Per-Click and the two major payment models are flat vs. manual bidding pay-per-click. This method is exactly what it sounds like, you find a provider, create ads for your company and you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This can be instantly gratifying and 41% of search clients will click on your ad vs. organic listings. ( – 2012)
. Yahoo, Google and MSN all offer these services, even cable providers like Time Warner, offer these services now.
• Google = About 80% of national search volume, hence is one of the better bets for your PPC budget
• Results are targeted to the consumer, results are instant, you have control over where you allow ads to be shown (with most providers) and you can stay informed with real time reporting.
• The real success of PPC depends on your complete sales approach, i.e. once someone clicks through to your site, is it marketable? Can you sell the account once the call comes in? These are all real variables.
• Make sure that your monthly budget spend makes sense in relation to your ROI (return on investment)

Utilizing both internet marketing methods in tandem are obviously ideal, and will involve a real commitment with your sales and marketing efforts. However, if your company commits to these very positive and impactful techniques combined with deliberately designed sites and copy, there is no limit to your success.

Contact an experienced marketing company, like Add+In Marketing, for information on affordable marketing plans that will work within your monthly marketing scope, while creating real results. (805) 449-1416


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