Yes, I am addicted to marketing and sunshine!

Yes, I am addicted to marketing and sunshine!
October 29, 2015 Joy Whittemore

You may be shocked, in awe, or maybe a tad slighted to hear that I love eating something that has teriyaki in it every day. I wake up, watch the ‘semi-news’ on Good Day L.A. and think about what the company on the television commercial that could have done better in marketing their newest fruit flavored beverage. Then, I saunter (or sprint) into my office to begin my graphic design, copywriting and marketing communications.
Many times I start working before I even have my first cup of coffee. To get really personal, when gardening, I prefer sunny to overcast and bougainvilleas to citrus, mainly because of ease of care. If flowers were marketing folks they would have to be the bougainvillea, a genus of flowering plants, because they are very flexible to any environment, extremely colorful and can grow anywhere.
What does this have to do with blogging? Everything.
What I know you want to hear about is something educational, something that will stir your interest because you relate and want to have a conversation about. The challenging part is the educational bit.
Q: Why do I actually care to either read or write blogs?
A: Education can be fun and entertaining if you add some personality to it.
Blogging is brilliant for your brand marketing efforts; it provides a voice and personality to you brand. Your blog teaches about your brand and is a marketing tool that can evolve with your company. I recommend everyone try blogging, subscribing to and reading blogs.
Blogs are great for different reasons, some educate and others entertain – much like all other media outlets. I love reading marketing blogs because I learn about aspects of marketing I haven’t even thought about before, or if I had, it allows a new perspective for me to meditate on and digest.
Blogging helps you with your website SEO – With the harsh SEO rules changing on Google, real content on your website is even more valuable today than before. Blog as often as you can using keywords you want to be found online for.
Blogs are good for your health – Seriously. Dance as if no one was watching and blog as if no one is reading… even if it’s not true. Putting your heart and soul into content is gratifying and a good release for the soul.

So blog away! Contact a local marketing expert, such as myself, to help you get going with the right keywords and informative, yet entertaining copy. Call Add+In Marketing at 805-449-1416 to get your blogging off on the right foot… or left, whichever you prefer.


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