Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part Two – Rules 7 thru 10)

Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part Two – Rules 7 thru 10)
March 12, 2015 addin2

Continuing on, here are the remaining marketing tips that Add+In Marketing company in Ventura County recommends as the Top 10 Marketing Rules to live by. These rules can apply to everyone. Imagine pushing beyond comfortable to create incredible marketing results.

Ultimately, your marketing efforts have a couple key responsibilities: increasing new customers, and generating additional revenue from existing customers. These tasks equivocate to driving new business and improving your marketing efforts constantly.

7. Segment Your Focus:
By sorting your customers into targeted groups, you will be able to narrow your focus, harness the ability to offer unique solutions and hone in on specific needs. For example, if you sell software solutions and the software modules you design and sell are applicable and beneficial to auto dealerships and earthmoving dealerships, move forward with your marketing as if these are different types of customers. You can separate your email lists and advertisements to offer promotions targeted at these two different customer segments. Find different trade magazines and outlets for each group of customer and customize your approach. This method of marketing also allows test marketing to become more effective.
8. Create Conversations:
Social media came and stayed. Instead of viewing social media as another task you have to add into your yearly plan, embrace it. Create conversations, make media work for you and make it fun. Social media is sticking around because people enjoy education, but they also need entertainment and laughter. Most importantly, engage your fans. Ask questions and deliver answers when people comment on your posts.
9. Monitor and Refine
Metrics make the marketing world go round. Without being able to monitor your progress, you are like a ship lost at sea. Monitor your results, ensuring positive growth along the way. Refine your marketing efforts accordingly and recognize what is making you money and what is not. Gaining your bearing on the open sea of marketing is best with a compass, metrics will give you the ability to navigate.
10. Never Give Up
Be proactive with your approach to gaining and retaining customers. Never stop your pursuit of greatness. Re-vamp and re-work your marketing every 3-5 years, keeping it fresh and interesting. Staying on top of marketing trends and staying in touch with your customer will keep your business thriving.
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