Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part Two – Rules 4 thru 6)

Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part Two – Rules 4 thru 6)
February 7, 2015 addin2

Continuing from last week, here are marketing tips thatAdd+In Marketing company in Ventura County has heard come up in conversation. Many folks are working in these tips to enhance their marketing performance this year, or are still mapping out plans for a mid-year marketing calendar. Either way, these rules apply to everyone. Imagine pushing beyond comfortable to incredible marketing results. Stay tuned for the final rules, Part Three – 7 thru 10.

Ultimately, your marketing efforts have a couple key responsibilities: increasing new customers, and generating additional revenue from existing customers. Both of these tasks equivocate to driving new business constantly.

4. Test, Test and Test Again
Study your analytics, understand your metrics and refine your approach. The great thing about marketing is there are so many avenues to utilize for advertising digitally that have metrics associated. As a customer, you may think you are getting the best results simply because the phone is ringing at times, but could it be ringing more? What different types of marketing mediums have you used recently? Have you tested target ads by specific products or services, seeing if some are more successful than others? How about press releases? Have you released different new stories on different topics in different regions to see what sparks more interest? There are so many avenues that are available to bring about awareness. Quite frankly, not trying multiple avenues would be a disservice to your brand.

5. Diversify Your Funds
A very wise friend of mine was giving me some advice recently that I also thought applied to marketing your business. She said that her investments were in multiple banks. This is something we should all think about when investing our advertising funds. The old adage of ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’ applies to marketing media as well. Diversify your approach. Spend some of your advertising budget online, some on your branding materials, some on your social media program, etc. Mass marketing options include TV, radio, billboard, print ads to personalized print and direct mail advertising. Experts that offer these solutions will claim that their method is the best. So, diversify your funds and you be the judge of what is working best.

6. Variety is Key
Don’t get trapped into comfortable. Complacency will end up in a bored audience and leave you in a bad spot. Reliance on one form of marketing and/or one customer communication approach could be dangerous. If that one media outlet ceased, then your business could go extinct. This rule ties into diversifying funds, but it also implies that changing up your approach, not only your marketing medium is important. For instance, you know that you have taped into a market of 25-35 year old women with your beverage line, but how about reaching the 45-55 year old women with the same beverage flavors with an added nutritional twist? Or, if you are in professional services and you already cater to retired individuals, how about offering a special deal to their children if they invest their money with you this year before a certain date? Reach beyond your success to new ideas and marketing variety, it will bloom new business and ultimately create sustainability.

Stay tuned for Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part Three – Rules 7 thru 10).

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