Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part One – Rules 1 thru 3)

Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part One – Rules 1 thru 3)
January 19, 2015 addin2

Marketing is a complex and fine tuned art of effective communication and education, at Add+In Marketing company in Ventura County, we are constantly customizing our approach for each client. There are, however, some basic marketing rules to live by. Since rules are made to be broken, take these tips and mold them to your needs, using them as a general guideline for success. For help along the marketing path, give us a call and we will support you along the way. Happy marketing!

1. Create Informative Content
People are generally more apt to read marketing materials that allow them to learn something that will better themselves and their business. Service professionals may try sending informational emails about new laws or white papers. Albeit, if you have a strictly retail environment, like a gourmet spices and oil shop, informative content might pertain to holding educational cooking sessions with your products or printed ingredient sheets at the front counter (and/or posted to your website). Try sprinkling in content with informative marketing insights.

2. Create Content That Sells
Be descript in your headlines and create content that really sells the benefits and features of your products. Sometimes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or online advertising leads to pre-existing content on a website that is not specifically tailored to the audience that clicks on it. For instance, if you are advertising the ‘most delicious and nutritious all organic granola bars’ and your link in the ad leads to your website homepage on all organic snack products, you may miss out on an opportunity. Instead, link the advertisement to a page created specifically to your ‘all organic granola bars with dried fruit and 12 essential vitamins’. Then, if you customize an ‘organic granola bars’ landing page to offer a special order now offer, you will have an additional chance of closing the sale immediately with targeted buyers.

3. Communicate When It Matters

Look, most of us become desensitized to getting weekly eblasts from the same companies week after week. I was just chatting with someone who asked me “About how often do you recommend sending out marketing eblasts?” The answer is, don’t think about how often you send, but what you are sending. You can hold an audience typically (without annoying them) by sending monthly emails (yes, only one email a month) with more ‘meaty’ content that is interesting and not overly ‘selling’. A nice balance of 50% informative and 50% sales related is still welcomed and effective without annoying and/or becoming a spam offender. Think about tapering messages if you plan to send more than once a month.

Finally, as a side note for all of thee above, utilize your team to engage in your marketing efforts. According to Forbes (January, 2013), excellent marketing companies have 10.7% of their employees engaged in marketing versus low-performing companies which have 7.3% of their employees engaged in marketing. Your team knows best, get them engaged and gain customers!

Stay tuned for Top 10 Marketing Rules to Live By (Part Two – Rules 4 thru 6).

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